Are you planning to buy medicine online? If you are, you will find plenty of online pharmacies, some are locally based while others are international. When ordering medication from an online pharmacy, caution should be observed.

There are many online drug stores that follow all the regulations and offer confidentiality and convenience to the buyers. However, there are counterfeit drugstores out there that trick people to buy from them by charging extremely low prices and selling medical drugs without a prescription. These unethical online drugstores sell unapproved or fake medicine. They do not follow the safeguards that the licensed pharmacies adhere to.

One thing that you will find in almost all the rogue online pharmacies is the Canadian flag. This flag is placed on the website to make it seem credible, but in reality, it is run by criminals who can be anywhere in the world. The products that you buy are dangerous and can cause serious harm.

So, how can you detect a fake online pharmacy? How can you spot counterfeit online pharmacies?

The following is what you should look for:

The language on the Website

This is possibly the clearest sign of a counterfeit online pharmacy. Untrustworthy online pharmacies often use machines to translate text on their websites. The text is usually low standard with clear grammatical errors. Stay away from online pharmacies with low-quality text.

Contact Details

You can use the contact details on an online pharmacy to know the person or organization operating behind it and to confirm authenticity. Unethical online shops don’t have contact details, the only way to contact the store is by filling a form on the website or via email address. When buying medicine online, a credible drugstore should have a real physical address.


A legitimate online pharmacy accepts credit cards. When paying via credit card, the online drugstore should offer a secure connection. Never trust online pharmacies that tell you to pay in advance by check or bank transfer.

From where are the drugs sent?

An online shop may look like it is based in Canada or the United States but this doesn’t mean that’s where the drugs will be sent from. A legitimate online store provides all the information about the drug like whether it is a brand name or generic and where it is sourced from.

Does the website have the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) Seal from NABP?

A website with this seal is credible to sell medication online.

Do not acquire drugs from an online pharmacy that:

  • Is outside the United States or those that ship worldwide.
  • Offers cheap drugs.
  • Allows customers to buy drugs without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Does not have a licensed pharmacist to handle all your questions.
  • Sends spam mail offering deals that are too good to be true.

The drugs that are sold by these online pharmacies do not meet safety standards due to poor storage conditions or the active ingredient is not enough to treat you. The drugs can also cause serious side effects, allergic reactions, and health problems.

These tips are meant to make sure that you buy quality medication from credible online stores. There are many fake drugstores out there and dealing with them can lead to serious health complications to you or anyone else using medicine.

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